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CAE Aviation Academy Douala

About us
The need for professional pilot training and well-trained aviation personnel is growing in all parts of the world. CAE Global Academy Douala in Cameroon, formerly Sabena Flight Academy Africa, was launched with local partners to provide high quality, innovative training for cadets and aviation professionals in Central Africa.

The academy in Douala is fast becoming the leading high quality aviation institute in the region by combining local expertise and excellent government support with the experience of the world leader in aviation training, simulation and modeling technology: CAE.

Training Programs
Addressing different airlines’ needs CAE Global Academy Douala offers the following training programs:
Airline Training Pilot License (ATPL):

Integrated ab initio airline pilot training as approved by Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA)

PHASE 1: Douala, Cameroon
800 h of Theoretical ATPL (A) training program, based on the JAR approved ATPL theoretical program of SFA and as approved by CCAA

PHASE 2: Phoenix, USA
207 hours of Flight Training for the following licenses and qualifications: PPL, CPL, IR, ME under FAA and CCAA approval

PHASE 3: Phoenix, USA
Extended Multicrew Coordination Course (MCC) including 20 hours of B 737 full flight simulator

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