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Bearing on the Instructions to Candidates on 2012 Registration

The following and any additional instructions given to you by your Chief of Centre must be strictiy respected.
The Board will NOT accept entries that fail to comply with thse instructions.

Candidates will take along the following items for registration:
Examination Fees
Clean and clear photocopy of birth certifcate
Clean and clear copy of National Identity Card for External Candidates
Clean and clear copy of O/L Resuit Slip for those entering for Advanced Level. A1l Repeat Candidates must
bring along their O/L or A/L Result Slip.

Entry Fees
Three types of examination fees arc payable, namely: Registration Fees, Subject Fees and Practical Fees. All fees must be paid in CASH to your Chief of Centre. You must obtain a computer print-out receipt stamped and signed by the Chief of Centre for the amount paid. No forms will be accepted by the Board without the payment of ail corresponding examination fees. The fees for the 2012 Session are as follows:
Ordinary Level Entry:
Registration Fee 8,000 FCFA
Subject Fee 1,000 FCFA per subject
Practical Fee 5,000 FCFA per subject

Advanced Level Entry
Registration Fee 9,000 FCFA
Subject Fee 2,000 FCFA per subject
Practical Fee 5,000 FCFA per subject.

N.B: Any Form G3 without a 1,000 FCFA fiscal stamp (003733/MINFI of 21st November 2007) will resuit in the rejection of the candidates entry.
Candidates are required to consult the Examination Timetable for the June 2012 session on the last page of this leaflet and the Regulations and Syllabuses for June 2012 before making any entry.
No adjustments will be made to this Timetable should clashes occur with any other examination or event.

If you are making entries for both Ordinary and Advanced Level Examinations, then you must use two separate forms, one for either level. You are also expected to pay the Registration Fee for each level.

Dismissed Candidates. Only school candidates dismissed during the registration period shall immediately lose their status as Internai Candidates. They will therefore be required to sign for and collect their subject fes from the Chief of Centre and make a fresh registration at any External Centre. The Board insists that such reimbursement must be done within the registration period so that the candidates hve the opportunity to make a new registration.

Compulsory Subjects. All candidates going for Ordinary Level, must register for the compulsory subjects; English Language, French, and Mathematics. Candidates who absent themselves from any of the three compulsory subjects shall be considered absent from the entire examination and their results for the entire examination will be nullified. In future, candidates will be required to score a minimum mark in each compulsory subject.

General conditions for candidates
No age-limit is set by the Board for candidates to enter for the GCE examinations. However, the following persons are eligible for the General Certificate of Education Examinations:
(i)Ordinary Level:
(a) Candidates who have completed a 5-year secondary school course.
(b) Candidates who have previously attempted the Cameroon GCE Ordinary Level examinations.
(c) Holders of at least the Teachers Grade III Certificate.
(d) Holders of at least the R.S.A. Stage I Certificate.
(e) Holders of the Brevet or Probatoire.
(f) Holders of other certificates deemed by the Board to be equivalent to any of the above.

(ii)Advanced Level:
(a) Holders of the Cameroon General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level with pass grades in at least four subjects.
(b) Holders of the University of London General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level with pass grades in at least four subjects.
(c) Holders of at least the Teachers Grade II Certificate.
(d) Holders of the R.S.A. Stage II Certificate in at least four subjects.
(e) Holders of the Probatoire Certificate.
(f) Holders of other certificates deemed by the Board to be quivalent to any of the above.

Entries will not be accepted from candidates barred from previous GCE examinations or any similar examinations. however, if an appeal against debarment is pending, an entry may be accepted provisionally but will be cancelled if the appeal is unsuccessful. No results will be issued until the outcome of the appeal is known.

Subjects for Examination:
Candidates for the Ordinary Level Examinations shall offer at least six subjects (full entry) which must include the following: English Language, French Language, and Mathematics. However, candidates who already possess a pass in at least four Ordinary Level subjects or other equivalent qualification may enter for additional single subjects. Candidates may enter for at most eleven subjects at the Ordinary Level. The eleventh subject must be Religious Studies. Repeat candidates must enter for the compulsory subjects unless they show proof that they possess passes in these subjects. Photocopies of the Certificates or Result Slips must be attached

Candidates for the Advanced Level examination may enter for at most five subjects.

Candidates may not take the same subject at more than one level at the same Examination session. Where there are alternative syllabuses in a subject only one may be taken at the same Examination session.

A candidate may not register in more than one centre for the same Examination session.

Your Chief of Centre will give you a folder (form G1) comprising the entry Form G3. The instructions below will guide you in completing the forms.

The serial number given to you during the E-Registration exercise would be your candidate number for the Examination.

In case of any practical tests, the Chief of Centre will notify you of the time and place. You must strictly observe ail instructions related to the examination.

Result Slips and Certificates will be sent to you through your Chief of Centre. Result Slips and Certificates, not collected from the Chief of Centre within six months, will be returned to the Board.

Candidates are reminded to channel ail complaints about their entries and results through their Chief of the Examination Centre where they registered. The Board will not enter into any direct correspondence with either the candidate or his/her representative. All such persons must write to the Board through the Chief of Centre.

Study the sample E-Registration screen so that you can be better or well armed to answer questions at registration.

The Registrar
Monono Ekema Humphrey


1. GCE Ordinary and Advanced levels
i) Practicals : Monday 07th May to Friday 25th May 2012
ii) Written : Monday 28th May to Friday 15th June 2012

Update: 25.10.2011


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