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YoBloCo Awards: Write a blog on youth and agriculture and win up to 3,000 Euros!

The YoBloCo Awards are open in two categories, individual category and institutional category. The “Individual category” is open to students in agricultural training courses, young farmers, journalists or other young people.
The “Institutional category” is open to local or national
young farmers’ organizations;
young members of farmers’ organizations;
young members of any organization interested in agriculture.

An organization is understood here as any type of non-profit or for-profit association, cooperative, forum, network or related grouping, excluding government institutions. Organizations that receive funding from governments but are not formal governmental institutions can be eligible if they fulfil all criteria. If the organization or grouping submitting an entry is not officially registered in the country, it should be recommended, via a letter of recommendation, by a national partner organization which is officially registered. When young members of an organization submit an entry in the “Institutional category”, they apply on behalf of their organization. If the entry wins an award, it’s the organization which will be declared winner and will receive the cash prize. The blog creator or a representative of blog creators (if it’s a team) will be invited for the prize giving ceremony and receive a trophy on behalf of the winning organization. When a team applies on behalf of their organization, the person representing the team must be specified in the application process. The cash prize won would be sent to the organization.

For both categories, the young people participating must be between 18 to 35 years old (by 31 December 2011) and be nationals of ACP countries signatories of the Cotonou Agreement (see Note 1 below).

Deadline: 31 October 2011


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