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Institute for Housing ...
Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies

IHS offers a 12 month MSc programme, which can be followed full-time and part-time. The master programme provides a unique opportunity for professionals and bachelor graduates to invest in their future. It will enable you to become an innovative urban manager, a leader who analyses and develops cities based on a thorough understanding of urban theory and practice.
* 1 year full time or 3 years part time
* Linking theory to practice
* English taught programme
* Academic award: Master of Science> NVAO Accredited

A step in your career
The courses will enable participants to advance their career opportunities. Our alumni include ministers, mayors, successful businessmen and renowned NGO specialists. It provides entrance into international networks of urban professionals, institutes and capacity building initiatives. Participants will benefit from the extensive network of IHS, including an alumni association with over 7,000 members and contacts with donor agencies and training centres. IHS is engaged in over 100 urban programmes and projects at any point in time, enabling a direct link between theory and practice. IHS lecturers have worked all over the world thus creating a possibility to discuss and initiate programmes and projects in your country and your cities.

Deadline: 01 February 2011 - 01 July 2011


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