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Bourse d’études/Scholarships

The Minister of Higher Education hereby announces to the general public and prospective applicants that the Mexican Government is offering a number of scholarships to Cameroonians of both sexes.

The scholarships are offered to study for:
- Master’s
- Doctorate
- Specialization
- Postgraduate research
- Post doctoral studies/research
- Medical specialties.

- Be a Cameroontan;
- Hold a Bachelor’s, Masters or Doctorate Degree depending on the type of studies for which the scholarship grant is requested;
Have a maximum GPA of 8, on a scale of 1 to 10, and in the case of a different scale, the equivalence should be submitted,
Have the academic acceptance of the receiving Mexican University Institution indicating the study program in which the candidate is accepted, as well as the program duration.

Application files should comprise the following:
- A handwritten stamped application addressed to the Minister of Higher Education; Two (2) copies of application form. Applicants should visit the following website to download the forms:;
- Certified copies of GCE O/L, A/L, Probatoire and Bac, Bachelors, Master’s and Ph.D Degree (for candidates applying for post doctorate research and studies);
- A certified copy of the applicant’s birth certificate;
- Two (02) passport size photos;
- A letter of admission from a Mexican University or Institution;
- Curriculum Vitae.

Complete application files should be submitted in the Ministry of Higher Education at the 15th floor, room 1527 on or before 15th April 2012.


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