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ERASMUS MUNDUS Master in "Sustainable Management of Food Quality

"EDAMUS" ("May we eat" in Latin) MASTER in Sustainable Management of Food Quality - an Erasmus Mundus (Action 1) master aims at developping internationally trained experts in the management of food quality.

It addresses the increasing need to better understand and anticipate complex issues of food quality management within the European Union or at an international scale. Food quality and food health policies need to take into account various factors including socio economic information, social, technological and biological issues. The composition of our consortium meets these requirements.

The programme is coordinated by the University of Montpellier 1(UM1) (France), in collaboration with an international partnership: Basilicata University (UNIBAS) (Italy), Mediterranean Agronomic Institute (MAI) of Zaragoza (IAMz) (Spain), MAI of Chania (MAICh) (Greece), MAI of Montpellier (IAMM) (France) and University Mentouri of Constantine (UMC) (Algeria).

University of Tsukuba (Japan), University of Sherbrooke (Canada), MAI of Bari (IAMb) (Italy) and Institut Agronomique Veterinaire (IAV) Hassan II (Morocco) are associated members. They provide tutoring and monitoring of students, sponsoring, quality assessment and offer of international extensive professional networks. In addition, professional and research sectors are involved: Latinus network, “Q@LI-Mediterrean Pole”, CIHEAM, the FederBio Association (Italy), ANPA Association (Italy), Tuko Logistics Oy company, Raisio Group (Finland) and “Agglomeration of Montpellier” (France).

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